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Viet Pho Supermarket

Viet Pho Supermarket

The story about us
In the hustle and bustle of life, along with the development of logistic technology and services, online shopping has become the indispensable need of every family. As an overseas Vietnamese for many years in Australia, we realized the difficulties that the Vietnamese community encountered when buying Vietnamese products in particular and Asia in general: the supermarket is distant , the goods are not variously Asian-based , fears of origin , price, or even obstacles out in the Covid season,...
From there, the Viet Pho supermarket -the first online supermarket for the Vietnamese community in Australia was born with the mission to bring the shopping experience of thousands of consumers becoming simple, convenient and flexible to the fullest.


Viet Pho Supermarket aims to be the top choice of online-shopping platform of Vietnamese Community at Sydney and Asian Community Around Australia on the long terms.

What can you shop on the Viet Pho Supermarket?
We supply diversified products, vary in designs, brand, price, which are quality assurance standards of the Australian Ministry of Health. Viet Pho Supermarket's goal is to focus on "where customers need, Viet Pho is there", which includes six main categories:
- APPLIANCES: Appliances, kitchen utensils, living room, bathroom, garden, stationery,... From reputable brands
- BEAUTY and HEALTH: You can find from the cosmetic products cleaning (soap, detergent,..), cosmetics (skin care, hair care,...) products to protect and improve health (hand wash, functional food)
- WATER, ALCOHOL, BEER: bold Asian juices, soft drinks, alcoholic beverages,..
- ASIAN GROCERY FOOD: Include rice, Vietnamese noodle, instant food, canned items, frozen foods, spices,..
- MEAT, SEAFOOD: Chicken, duck, beef, sheep, pig,... and seafood: shrimp, fish, squid with clear certificate of origin and hygiene of British food Whole.
- FRUITS AND VEGETABLE: fruits, vegetables, seasonal fruit to ensure clean and fresh

How to buy goods at Viet Pho Supermarket?
Besides providing peace of mind about the quality of products, Viet City wants to bring the best online shopping experience with customers, through our business channels:
- Website Sales https://vietphosupermarket.com.au/are smartly designed, easy to use. You can visit and purchase operations at any time. The supermarket staff will call to confirm the order and delivery to you.

- Our Official Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Vietphosupermarket

- Direct phone call to Hotline 02 8764 8844 to be consulted for ordering.
Only need to order online and sit at home, with the truck running continuously, we are committed to delivery the day (from 7am to 10pm), except the weekends and public holidays.

If you are running a business, or a supplier, please contact us for the best price policy!

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